Melinda  |  Cookies  |  Minnie

Melinda  |  Cookies  |  Minnie

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My dogs are my doorbell

Neither can't hold it's licker

They leave nose art on my windows 

Give me unconditional love, fur, kisses, and pieces of their heart daily

My woggies, my models, my studio sloths, my furry companions, my crew

My Minnie and Cookies.


Melinda Murzecki - Professional Dog Adoring Photographer | Dog Behaviourist | Dog Owner | Dogaholic | Lover of all things Dog - dedicated to creating timeless, soulful, elegant and dramatic images for dog crazy people.

Every dog has a story.  

Whether the story is about your dog's crazy love for life, their loyal and loving smile when they greet you at the door, their antics and goofiness they display when they ask for dinner, their continuous shadowing and constant eyes on you whether from their mat on the floor or from afar, or that small nudge, pawing, starring eye smile, dropping a ball or fuzzy toy at your feet when they want attention, or just to play...... these are the little quirks and idiosyncrasies that you, the owner, see every day.  These are the nuances that fuel my love and passion for capturing the true essence, individuality and personality of your furry friend in timeless, precious, loving images.

I am always humbled, honoured and privileged to capture this glimpse of what connects you with them, and encapsulate this moment in images that will last a life time.


MINNIE  |   Studio Sloth

MINNIE  |   Studio Sloth

COOKIES     |  Studio Sloth

COOKIES   |  Studio Sloth