Capturing the life, love, soul and true essence of your furry friend’s personality with dramatic and elegant photographic artwork

Melinda possess a complementary mix of innate/natural instinct to 'read, predict and understand dog language and movements' as well as trained abilities from the studies of dog behaviour and training.  Through many years of experience, Melinda connects naturally and effortlessly with the canine furry friend to capture those timeless images that are full of love, tenderness, personality and soul.

Melinda has been trained and mentored by some of the world's best pet photographers, as well as attended international dog specific photography workshops. 

Often asked why black is the most common backdrop in her artwork ?

"Dog Portrait Photography is simply full of love, it's personal, intimate, heartfelt and soulful. Black is dramatic, timeless and elegant, and gives way to naturally highlighting your dog/s and making them the focus of the final artwork.  It helps give the feeling of perspective and depth, (almost bringing your images to life) along with a mysterious sense that unconsciously evokes deep precious connected feelings when the owner can look directly into their furry friend’s loving eyes."


$89 'No-Fuss' studio session

session fee includes

  • shooting time of approximately 60 - 90 minutes
  • for up to 2 dogs from the one family - each additional furry friend is $25
  • yummy pet treat and expert pet handling skills 
  • photographer's time, creativity and expertise
  • a complimentary 6 x 9" print of the photographers choice, and the electronic version posted to our facebook page for sharing 
  • a viewing session - held within 2 weeks from the initial photography session
  • *$100 credit towards fully framed storyboard artwork-  (this is non transferable and must be used within one transaction)

viewing session includes

  • a slide show to view in the studio
  • a selection of 5-15 (dependent on how many dogs were at the session) artist-selected images for you to view in the studio
  • choose to order from the full range of products and collections
  • print and framing turnaround time 5-6 weeks

the finer detail

  • $89 session fee is due and payable within 7 days of booking your session
  • creative days are Thursday & Friday or by appointment only
  • session prices are for the photographers time, creativity and expertise and does not include prints, products or digital files
  • the session is held at the Furry Feet Studio using strobe lighting and black backdrop
  • Total Value $299

custom artwork

We offer custom printed wall art,  printed on matt cotton rag archival paper - in various sizes by way of: square and panoramic format - S M L XL

  • ready to hang fully framed storyboard* - starting at $650
  • print package specials - $500 (no further discount applies) 
  • a la carte classic prints (unframed) - starting at $125
  • acrylic desk buddies - starting at $125
  • albums


gift vouchers available on request